Back Off

The matriarch of the head briefly stops and flares her ears in a sign that if we get any closer she’ll charge us.


6 thoughts on “Back Off

  1. Thank you for sharing your photos! I love seeing the world through pictures, of animals and nature especially. I just happened upon your blog this morning while looking through the new photos on wordpress for something I’d like to try to draw and this matriarch caught my eye. I was speaking with a friend just yesterday about elephants- I read or saw somewhere about their intelligence and how they honor their dead. Anyway, thank you for your worldview!

  2. Great photo. I love the lighting, the fact that the elephant is in the water and that there is another elephant with her casually eating grass. In our first encounter with elephants, we were so excited, but then a female came toward us shaking her head at us. Our guide revved the engine and we backed out of there quickly.

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