Tenerife, Canary Islands Panorama


2 thoughts on “Tenerife, Canary Islands Panorama

  1. What is it about panoramas that people like so much? No comment on your work. I’m just asking here because you’re a photographer and I’m not. I don’t like panoramas because I find the perspective confusing and therefore I don’t appreciate the subject as much as I would in a “normal” picture. Funny, because I like black and white photography even though that’s not a “real” depiction of the subject. It must be the perspective thing. If I was in a room with the panorama surrounding me, I’d probably like it more.

    • I suspect it is the perspective and that you can’t take in all in with one look. These are the qualities that attract people to panoramas, IMHO.

      There’s also a mental thing going on. I can take shot with a slightly wide angle lens and show it to you uncropped. You’ll likely find it to be just another picture. If I then heavily crop the top (sky) and bottom (uninteresting foreground), turning it into a strip or pano-like shot, you’ll almost certainly react to it differently.

      So it sounds as if you’re programmed to not like panos!

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