Bellagio Casino Bird

One of the birds in the Summer 2013 Bellagio Conservatory display.


7 thoughts on “Bellagio Casino Bird

    • Thanks! I appreciate you taking time to comment. This is a unique photo for me. It’s one of the shots I took after deciding to use the iPhone for some of my work. I’ve been pleasantly surprised with quality of the images if the conditions are right.

      • I’ve only taken snapshots with the Iphone so far. And not very good ones at that. Maybe I should experiment a little more. I recall I had a bit of a problem with camera shake at the time. I seem to take better photos when ‘m holding a camera with a bit of weight to it and when I can stabilize it a bit more. Love these photos you’ve taken though.

        • I know what you mean. I also have problems with camera shake on the iPhone. I’ve come to the conclusion that I have to shoot with good light and get close to the subject (unless it’s a landscape type shot). Since the lens is so wide, there are a lot of closeup shots that look plain weird, so there are significant limitations to getting good shots.

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