My interest in photography started in the early 70’s. Animals and landscapes are my specialties. From time to time, there’s an occasional portrait or some photo restoration work. My preference is large format work, which occasionally clashes with how small image sizes have to be in WordPress’ themes. This theme is the best mix of features I’ve found so far.

The shots come from all over; Alaska, Antarctica, Argentina, Canada, Britain, Ireland, Scotland, Amsterdam, Caribbean (including underwater shots), France, Italy, Sardinia, Sicily, Spain, Canary Islands, Rock of Gibraltar, Ecuador, Galapagos Islands, Mexico, Peru, Portugal, Botswana, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Norway, Montenegro, Greece, and lots of locations in the continental US.

I rarely add descriptions to the photos. My titles are nondescript. I feel the photos should stand on their own. Many of the shots do have interesting back-stories, though. If you’re interested, just make a comment. I’ll usually provide some back-story in the response.

Thanks for looking!


25 thoughts on “About

    • Thanks! Typically, I shot with a 70-200 with a 1.7 tele-extender on a Nikon D200 (so I also got the 1.5x crop factor). We were so close, though, I could have easily shot most of the lion shots with the 70-200 alone.

      • Wow! That’s incredible. It must have been pretty unnerving. Then again, my understanding of lions probably isn’t as personal as yours. I shoot Nikon as well, I have a D2x and have been primarily using a 50mm 1.8D. It’s so addicting.

    • As long as you stay in the Range Rover you’re fine, but the first time a lion walks up next to your vehicle it scares the shit out of you. I have no photos of that encounter – too scared to move.

    • It really is excellent for photos. One option I wish it had, though, is the ability to add likes to the main page. It would be a lot more convenient for folks to just scroll through the pics and like as they please.

  1. I love you photos of Africa. I don’t know if I will ever get there, so you are allowing me to enjoy it vicariously. Thank you for stopping by my Europe blog and liking my posts.

  2. You’re such a lucky man because you have the chance to travel in so many places and see so many beautiful animals! Keep up your good work!

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