Are All Memory Cards Alike?

Not by a long shot! Better cards accept data from a camera much faster and may transfer the photos to a computer faster.

For DSLRs I buy only the next to highest speed Lexar Professional  and Sandisk memory cards. There’s a big price jump typically to the absolute fastest cards and I’ve never had a camera that required the fastest speed for best performance. Then again, I usually upgrade my memory cards to higher capacities every couple years. If you’re not planning to upgrade memory cards for several years, but will likely upgrade your camera, getting the highest speed may be your best bet.

Having the right speed card allows a camera to take high speed sequence photos as fast as it can. At sporting events and for shooting wildlife, high speed capture has saved me many times.

A friend of mine has a Nikon D300 (pro-sumer level DSLR). When he switched from a cheap memory card to a high performance Lexar card, the length of time he could shoot continuously almost doubled!

If your camera can record video, be sure to only buy cards designated as Class 10 or better. That will ensure the memory card can keep up with the flow of video data to the card.

Before ordering be sure you’ve selected a card that is compatible with your camera!


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