Setting Image Size and Quality

If there is any chance, any chance at all, that your interest in photography will increase, you will keep electronic copies of your images, or you will revisit older stored images, absolutely, without question, shoot all your photos at the highest size and quality settings.

There are 2 image settings to adjust. One is usually called Size; this sets how many megapixels for each picture. A smaller Size requires less space, but fine details are lost. The second setting is usually called Quality; this sets how much compression is applied. More compression means less space required on the memory card, but the picture can take on a blocky look.

When I purchased my first point and shoot, memory cards were pretty expensive. I set Size to a midway value along with Quality. Lots and lots of images followed.

A few years after that I learned how to use Photoshop and found all sorts of great ways to enhance photos. But all those early photos were so small and so compressed there wasn’t much I could do with them. When I look at them, there are so many things in I wish I could make out. If only I had set the Size to full and the Quality to maximum…

Memory cards are cheap now. Shoot at full size and highest quality. Please.


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