Should I Buy a DSLR?

Only if you want to takes pictures at the “extremes.” Point and shoot cameras do a remarkably good job shooting the typical daytime, outdoor scene of people and landscapes. If that’s your primary interest, the cost, weight, and complexity of a DSLR doesn’t make sense, stick with a point and shoot.

This changes if you want to take high quality pictures of stuff such as bugs, birds, night time sports, indoor theater/band/recital productions, house interiors, or high speed activities. The ability to change lenses can be critical for these scenarios. Bugs require a macro lens that allows you to focus close enough and get the magnification needed. Birds require a long telephoto lens, so they can be photographed from far away and show up as more than a speck. Night time sports and indoor productions require a lens that is optimized for lower light (called a fast lens). House interiors require a wide angle lens, so you can be inside the room and capture a large portion of it in a single shot.High speed activities may require a fast lens along with a camera body that supports fast shutter speeds and can take photos in rapid sequence.


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